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November 20, 2008

A strategy for participation

Demonstrate leadership and you've something to offer. Encourage your community to connect and thrive, give them a soft place to land and get out of the way. Put purpose into the picture and empower belonging.

As a short and sweet strategy for participation, this is what created the Tribes Q&A ebook, the culmination of a multitude at work who discussed, debated, collaborated, compiled, and generally stepped up to contribute spontaneously to this impressive accompaniment to Seth Godin's book Tribes on www.triiibes.com. As Seth himself says, 'there a juicy insight on every page'.

Q&A Ebook pic small
It's a book about how to create effective strategies for participation, by people who did, including me.

So go ahead take a look, it's free to download and share.

Download TribesQA2

If organizations can inspire participation at the levels this initiative was able to do, their prospects are rosy.


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