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August 05, 2008

Magnetic marketing

My best friend lives in Sydney, very nearly the furthest place to me here in London yet we’re best friends. We're the best of friends even though we last saw one another a year ago and we've not seen each other for more than a week in the last eight years.

We talk weekly, fortnightly, whenever we have to. If it’s early or late when she rings I don’t mind because I know she'll have something important to say. Wow, that's a strong brand.

The time zone in Sydney is eleven hours ahead. To some people in the e.g. the US, eleven hours may not seem like much, but it can be; here in London we’re used to another nation being an hour away.

Think about that. It’s easier and easier these days to be existing in different zones in relationship to one another; as a culture subdivides, how do we cope with maintaining the quality of contact we had when we started out? This is the challenge of a successful culture. This will be the challenge of the socially-networked culture as it develops, subdivides and grows. 

On the phone to my friend in Sydney, she told me about ‘The One’, a Channel 7 television programme in Australia. It's a programme that's investigating ‘psychic abilities including clairvoyance, telepathy, medical intuition, predictive and remote viewing, mediumship and psychometry’ and seeing whether these skills are real. There are a whole raft of programmes like this being made now, here we get Britain's Psychic Challenge. Maybe these kinds of programmes will teach us something about ourselves.

Whatever turns out to be the case, some people seem to have an innate sense of being able to tune in to forces around them. Just as my friend and I are able to connect at deep levels across opposite sides of the world, it would be good if people responsible for marketing were able to connect with their audiences magnetically. It would be good if we were seen to be ‘the one’ in our audiences' eyes.

And what ‘those responsible for marketing’ means is, actually, ‘everyone’. Tribes, and the growing social networking phenomenon, are a fantastic step in magnetic attraction. Clusters of excitement around interest is magnetic marketing.


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Wonderful post! Hooked me in right from the start because I live in USA and my best friend lives in Chile, so we have that same occasional but always so meaningful type of communication. :) I really like the way you applied it to marketing, when a company has a strong brand you don't need it to be in your face (like in an ad or promo) to receive its message. Just thinking of the brand serves up an entire ideology and, if it's a brand you admire, a type of magnetic attraction (I like this term). :)

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