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October 15, 2008

Brand your skill

Everyone has a unique way of doing things.

Organizations, on the other hand, cannot function this way. They need process.

It's very easy for too much process to have a limiting effect, especially when the ability to react to market-driven opportunity is as crucial as it is today.

The best organizations have both of these things - individual skill and process. They recognize that their capacity for wealth generation comes primarily from the quality of the people who are associated with it.

It's never been the case more than today that it's the network that drives net worth.

The strength of a network is the compound effect of individual talent and a range of unique perspectives to bring to bear upon a situation and a smooth way of doing things. This is what creates a 'more than the sum of the parts' scenario and it's this that makes an organization able to challenge the market and thrive.

So instead of building a bigger brand, brand your skill.

As individuals in a corporate marketplace, your skill is your brand.

Think of that as a multiplier effect within a networked organization - it's powerful stuff.


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