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October 07, 2008

When profit is a brand

Gordon Brown has been making the point that markets need morals.  This is something brand people have been espousing for years, that enterprises work better when they have shared values.

It's never been truer in fact. Today shared values work for brands, for markets, for countries and for whole economies.

The day is dawning for of the kind of intangible value that might offset the decline in tangible value being seen around the world.

In the world of Economics 2.0 profit is a brand, a marker of how much is being taken out of communities and how much is being put in.

The world is increasingly transparent. Stakeholders today give an organization a mandate to operate, permission to market, and not just the liquidity to operate.

When profit is being used to fund marketing campaigns that are only a tax paid for being unremarkable, profit is a big part of the brand and it's likely to create negative equity.

Too much profiteering may very well break a brand, not just finance it.


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Too much profiteering is what is breaking actualized capitalism. Transparency's increase is forcing a realignment of values. I wish money were not the perceived end as it is in the west. Life is value. Greed sucks life, exploits and commoditizes.

Whole industries built on manipulating values, values that, though tranparently unreal, have real impacts due to the institutionalization of monetarily determined exchange value, ought to be (and are now!) chastised and corrected.

How does an artist seeking to create good, keep his brand in line and yet seek to reach more people to share his vision? I'm interested in the delicate balance between perceived commoditization (selling out) and authentically connecting with an ever growing number of humans (out-selling).


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