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October 23, 2008

Why we need 'blatant integrity'

As we shift into greater connectedness, as our paths become more transparent, as networks become more important, we need blatant integrity.

When the noise of advertising and promotional drown-out is so large and all around, sometimes all we can do is connect with the small voice within. It becomes a place of sanctuary.

In a networked world, there's paradox in that we can't truly connect with others until we've connected with ourselves.

In making these connections, blatant integrity is what matters.

Blatant integrity is the voice that you have to lean in to listen to, it's the voice that doesn't strain to raise itself above the din, it's the voice that's waiting to be found. It doesn't seek out where to advertise itself. It's the voice that will endure and stay standing even when there are challenges.

And you know the amazing thing? At the same time, blatant integrity is also the kind of integrity that rings out loud and true, that's a clarion call. It's the clearest of clear bells, and it's the kind of sound that people want to follow because it can be trusted.

Reputation has never been a more important intangible asset in our world than it is today. This is true both for groups and people.

Loyalty and building strong ties with an audience, powerful reputations that can influence better than advertise, they all come from having blatant integrity. That's why we need more of it.


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Anne this introduces a great idea. Can you explain something, maybe in a future post? How do I recognize blatant integrity? I always felt that integrity was fairly intangible; to be blatant about it would be more like hype. How do I tell the difference?

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