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June 26, 2009

Business transformation in 3 easy parts on SOMESSO

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Arjen and Mary at Somesso have posted a three-part article with me on the subject of business transformation, if you have a moment head on over and have a peek, it's here.

It contains a few ideas and I'd love your feedback. How big is our appetite for transformation towards a better organizational ideal?


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Great articles Anne, loved reading them. Aaah... The relief of seeing things in their proper persepctive! We live in a new world and our structures are, generally speaking, hopelessly out of date. But the beautiful thing is that the new is already happening.

Very well formulated and what struck me most was my own emotional response of relief, which indicates how much stress we experience collectively because as a society we haven't caught up yet with the changes that are already happening in our psyche.

Anne’s three-part article on business transformation – or rather, mentality transformation – paints a crystal clear picture of something that should be both obvious and self-evident, but which is not – or, at least, hasn’t been in the past decades. Not very long ago Anne’s eloquent voice of wisdom and insight would’ve been one of calling in a desert of confusion and dichotmies. Now we have set foot on a new and fertile land where the message of mentality transformation she and a handful of other pioneers convey will be heard - loud and clear. If you’re interested in a very similar message that is remarkably complementary to Anne’s ideas, see: http://theageoftransformation.wordpress.com/

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