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August 04, 2009

It's business Jim but not as we know it

Genetic Code Pic Blank 2 small

Captain Kirk might well have said this, to paraphrase, if he were at the helm of the Starship Enterprise as he steered it to new frontiers, across a commercial galaxy.

Business is spawning new forms of life, and it's business Jim, but not as we know it. This is a time for revolution, of turning things upside down, new frontiers, time for change and transformation.

Things have been a quiet on this blog lately because I've been away in Sydney, the antipodes to life in the UK, diametrically opposite on the globe and for me it's brought thinking about things upside down to the fore and the value of being counter-intuitive.

At the same time, Seth Godin's www.triiibes is one year old. As a founding member of triiibes.com there since the beginning, Seth's work on tribes demonstrates that great places teeming with commercial life can exist but not as we know them and that collaborative possibilities are available in new ways. Being a leader in www.triiibes.com over the last year's been a highly stimulating, iterative experience and a fascinating journey.

Social media's been riding this wave in general too, but don't be deceived. Visceral businesses that move people, that create connections that have the capacity to enhance operational capability and performance ask for more than just another media overlay. What's being asked for are changes of habit (and habitat), doing the unthinkable, a deep desire to will the new into being and the courage and passion to put everything into trying.

In the last few weeks Changethis.com have published a manifesto I've written about this, called 'Cracking The Genetic Code' and a new way forward for corporations. It's time to view business more organically and create new business cultures and if you'd like to download it just follow the link.

And what's a Visceral Business in a nutshell? Here's the summary

What Visceral Business Means3small

Got anything to add? I'll welcome all your thoughts and comments. It'll be great to build a body of opinion on this.


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Anne, when I first read your Visceral Business concept it did take awhile to grasp its full implilcations; now I'm living it for quite some time and benefitting tremendously. (It helps that our business was always "a bit visceral" all the way back to its founding in 1932!)

I have still however found the concept somewhat difficult to explain to others, and now this chart comes to my rescue. It is superb, succint and sublime, I can't wait to tell folks about it, and about you. Thank you!

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