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I work with the strategic, practical and creative aspects of brands enabling them to transact more effectively and build valuable dialogue with audiences. My particular interest is in the social and commercial value of brands in a socially-connected world, organizations as organic entities and holistic approaches that can help us all work better as a connected whole, about making better connections and getting the synapses going.

Strong connections with audiences are a highly efficient fuel for strategic progression and sales and, put simply, affinity is stronger than structure.

As a marketer and a consumer, it's clear to me that marketing tactics designed to project authenticity do not an authentic company make. To build real, measurable competitive advantage in a socially connected world, brands must have 'blatant integrity', the ability to lean into scrutiny and to respond with a crystal clear sense of self, as leaders.

In this noisy, cost-conscious, commercial environment just having a market presence or share of voice isn't enough. What matters much more is creating, conveying and fulfilling a promise as open source equity collaboratively with audiences, about innovating successfully, building grass roots value, being irresistible, building influence, creating sustainable, commercially profitable paths to growth and making what makes you different matter.